The Centre for the Conscious Feminine.

A place to learn and get support for the soul level of the Feminine.  If we can describe what the Feminine is, then relationship and love can be supported in everyday life, including the institutions. I can give you the words and concepts to help you stand up for the Feminine in any situation.

This is the next stage in the development of women and the Feminine. It’s what comes after and runs alongside Feminism.




Hi. I’m Margi Ross. I give talks and do groups, mentoring, training, webinars and advise institutions and businesses on how to incorporate the Feminine. I do free talks for charities, schools and for young people. There’s lots of free info on this site. Have a look round. I look forward to working with you wherever you are in the world.

Call me on 020 8546 0166 or 07745 814983 if you’d like to talk before booking. Email:
If I’m not in leave message and I’ll phone you back.

What is the Conscious Feminine?

If something has words then you can speak for it. My job has been to give the Feminine words and concepts, so it can’t be lost or oppressed or forgotten, ever again. Then it can come into everyday life and the energy in life can be balanced.

First the soul was in the arts now the soul has to be supported  and protected in life. So does the body. What’s the soul? It’s how people, animals and other beings feel inside, in their being.

This is in-depth new information on these subjects with lots of inspirational new ideas. It brings hope and intellectual clarity where there has been non before. It helps heal the mind.

What is the Feminine?

When the Feminine is represented in the institutions here are some things that will happen.

The Conscious Feminine: The Next Step in the Development of the Feminine

I offer three basic subjects for talks, groups, consultancy.

The Feminine. Past, Present and Future

  • This comes as a talk or a group. Either in person or a webinar or on Zoom.
  • Looking at psychological and spiritual development and attitudes towards women and the Feminine.
  • How it relates to your work.
  • How to integrate the next stage into your work and life.
  • It makes things much easier for everyone and saves money.


  • Water is, by tradition, a Feminine element.
  • Water as mother, soul, Feminine and Masculine water.
  • Moving the soul from expression in the arts to expressing in everyday life.
  • A language for feeling and the soul.
  • For relationship with all life.
  • Animals and their relationships.
  • The Feeling Function.
  • Individual difference.
  • The shadow, and much more.


  • What happens when Earth is left out.
  • Bad Earth decisions.
  • Covid has given us lots of examples of lots of bad earth and water decisions.
  • Teaching Good Earth.
  • Putting limits around physical suffering.
  • Building a Feminine Middle Ground.

These topics are for:

  • Teachers, Business, schools, hospitals, Therapists, Kind people anywhere and everywhere. 
  • Young people.
  • Leaders from any area of life who want to know more about the Feminine and how to integrate it into their workplace.

Call me on 020 8546 0166 or 07745 814983 if you would like to talk before booking.

Margi Ross

Margi Ross