If the Conscious Feminine were integrated into society …

… here are some things that could happen:

  • The Feminine qualities of nurturing, kindness and respect for all life would become part of the values and laws of the institutions which govern our society.
  • There would be large, clean, pleasant toilets, with attendants, every quarter of a mile. Feminine Consciousness makes sure that the body is kindly looked after.
  • When people are interviewed on radio and/or TV, they would be given time to answer questions without being interrupted.
  • Quiet people would be understood and appreciated.
  • There would be a much better understanding of how noise affects the body, both animal and human.
  • There would be water in front and back gardens for animals because so many animals, specially cats, are out day and night and need to drink. The Feminine is about the art of the small and about seeing a need and doing something about it.
  • Kindness and good relationship would be taught in schools. If a child’s gifts were in the field of relationship, these gifts would be able to be defined and given a language and support, so she/he could develop their gifts and society would not be so dominated by people with strong wills. Loving people would start to have more power in society. It would also start to take child development onto a soul level, rather than leave it in the hands of the instincts, in their negative form. There is so much bullying in schools in Britain today which comes from instinctive competitiveness and cruelty. This can be changed.
  • All animals and wildlife would be treated with respect and kindness. With Feminine Consciousness every living being is an expression of the Divine and is never treated as an object. With regard to infectious diseases, such as Foot and Mouth, animals would be treated with homeopathy and vaccination and only put down when they were in so much pain that this was the kindest thing to do.
  • There would be an acknowledgement and understanding of what right relationship is. Right relationship is living with a sense of the unity of all life and a tolerance for individual difference. The Feminine reminds people that we are all interconnected and that we do not have personal freedom to do what we like, because everything we do affects the whole of life. Relationship and inter-relatedness would be taught in schools as a priority, through education and example. There would be a real effort to understand what happens when we project negatively and positively onto others.
  • It would be against the law to move an older person who was happy in their flat or care home. Older couples would never be separated whatever the financial cost to the State. The importance of friendship and safety and familiarity would be acknowledged and people, specially older people, would be treated with respect. The principles of hospice care, that a person has a right to die without pain and be surrounded by peace and love, would be part of every hospital in a country and these facilities would also be available for people who wished to die at home.
  • World leaders would not make big changes without first considering the needs of people, animals and all life during and after the changes. To a woman who serves the Feminine, all life is precious and people, animals and nature are not expendable. The Feminine has an inclusive view. The needs of all forms of life would be taken into account when making plans for new projects.
  • The protection and reverence for the Mother Earth would be a priority. Children would be taught to respect matter and the earth we live on. To have a body is a great gift. They would be taught not to drop litter and other things; how not to burden the earth and how to keep their bodies healthy.