On Speaking and Teaching

After Tutorial on ‘The Conscious Feminine. Feminine Spirituality, now and in the future’:

I have to say how much I enjoyed the tutorial with you on Friday – it was so very enlightening! Cim and I were really excited on the way home. It is one thing to read it in your book but another to hear you talk about the Conscious Feminine. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful and explicit model! Women everywhere will be grateful to you for taking the 23 years to put it together.

Judith Davies, May 2009

On teaching about the Feeling Function

The debt of gratitude, which I personally owe to Margi for her unstinting dedication to the values of Water and Earth (Soul and Matter), is incalculable. Both as writer and teacher, her ability to clarify the intricacy and subtlety of these vitally important realities is, I believe, unprecedented and unparalleled. She has gifted us all with a language to validate and define an essence so precious that it can effect healing in the very darkest of places – an essence capable of speaking through and stilling the storm: hope for an anguished world

Kate Hussey

After group on Alchemy

Utterly utterly brilliant. So clear and so touching. Profound information and so clear. Such enormous use and help.

Jenny Glover

On Mentoring

Mentoring with Margi is like a process of Soul Whispering; supportive and transformative, like a measured depth-charge to the psyche that helps the Inner-Self to be heard and to shine. Margi’s work is original, radical, courageous and pioneering.

Leslie Hughes


On ‘The Conscious Feminine. Volume 1. How to Heal and Support the Feeling Function’.

 I really enjoy reading this book – every now and then I pick it up again and it reminds me that I am one of those ‘feeling’ types who have spent their lives trying to be a ‘thinking’ type! I’m reminded to work at being true to myself and am once again inspired to join the search for words and experiences that reflect this greatly overlooked and disregarded function. Thank you, this book is a on-going treasure.

Ali Gibson, Director of Teamworks

It’s not easy being a Feeling Type in our Western World. ‘The Soul’, ‘Relationship’, ‘The Heart’: these are terms, which are seldom honoured in our driven, competitive culture – and yet everyone knows what it feels like where these realities are absent! Lacking a ‘language’ with which to communicate their needs and attributes, the great gifts of the Feeling Function have – aside from the sphere of the Arts – been largely mute till now: relegated to the sidelines of life and tragically misunderstood as ‘sentiment’ or undisciplined emotion.  As a Feeling Type myself, discovering the work and writings of Margi Ross came as an immense relief: the relief felt when a passionately cared-about gifting finally receives recognition and respect!

Kate Hussey

On ‘The Conscious Feminine. The Next Step in the Development of the Feminine’.

Margi’s writing on the Conscious Feminine is a deeply profound book, the kind of book you would have by your bedside, so you can dip into it when you need to. She is writing for something very old which hasn’t had a voice before but which has always been. This knowledge teaches us new ways of relating, that honor all life and put aside betrayal. The information in this book gives us such strong hope, of a better balance, as she explains how the laws that govern relationships can be respected and valued, in a world, so far ordered and organized by concrete masculine thought forms and their reality, that can be so exclusive of essential feminine values and qualities, and create re-wounding and unbalance in all spheres of life . This book brings simple and clear guidelines, so the world is a kinder place to live in. Words from the Feminine, via Margi, for us all. The Conscious Feminine takes us out of despair, into empowerment. Margi’s pioneering book will be a true and faithful guide to you as you journey forward, so your seed may grow, for she has anchored her boat in a safe harbour, and the ground upon which her writing stands is solid ground.

Brigitte Antelme

Margi’s work is profound and innovative and the realization of a unique intellectual contemplation which has arrived in its purest and most satisfying form. The eclecticism, rigour and illuminating examples demonstrate an impressive command of her subject whilst informing and stimulating further debate. I feel very blessed to have read this book as it is truly a gift that has inspired hope and offered a salve for hitherto unresolved feelings and emotions.

Elspeth Alexander, Registered Osteopath, BA