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Click the links below to read excerpts from my books:

The Conscious Feminine. The Next Step in the Development of the Feminine
By Margi Ross. ISBN: 9780953939749. Price: £17.

The Conscious Feminine. Volume 1. How to Heal and Support the Feeling Function
By Margi Ross. ISBN 9780953939701. Cost £12. And from: ‘Making the World a Kinder Place’ (This is an edited and abridged version of the first 3 chapters of ‘The Conscious Feminine. Volume 1). ISBN 9780953939725. Cost £5.

Supporting the Conscious Feminine. A Handbook for Women of All Ages
By Margi Ross. ISBN 9780953939718. Cost £10.

Feminine Boats on the Water. Poems for the Soul
By Margi Ross and Sheila Broderick. ISBN 9780953939732. Cost £12.