Margi Ross

Margi Ross


I studied classical singing. I trained to lead groups and taught in Germany and this country for many years.. I also trained at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust and did much other training. I did 6 years of Jungian analysis. I have a degree in Education.  I worked as therapist for over 30 years and I’m a vegan.

My approach to life is soul-centred and I believe in kindness to every form of life. People don’t come first. I’m on the path of sound. I believe in the soul and re-incarnation. I’ve written 5 books.

As you can see from this site, my work is with the next stage in the development of the Feminine, the ‘Conscious Feminine’. This is about giving the Feminine a voice, a language and a conceptual framework so that love and kindness and care for the body and soul can be a part of everyday life. The Feminine is an equal and opposite reality which deserves equal representation and respect in every aspect of life, including the institutions: in order to do this we have to be able to describe what it is. So many people wish they had the power to make the world a kinder place: my work can help you make this happen.

My orthodox training and experience is that I worked as a therapist and taught in groups for over 30 years. I have a degree in Education. In 1974 I had a profound spiritual experience of the Feminine which gave me a clear sense of what I had to do with my life and my work with the Conscious Feminine is the result of this.

I trained to run groups and worked in Britain and Germany. This included teaching about the Feminine in Berlin from 1979-1989. I trained at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust from 1978-80 and also trained in regression and re-birthing and other subjects. I did 6 years of Jungian Analysis. While I learnt a lot from all these experiences, they did not meet my need for a Feminine perspective which had enough height and depth and never left out relationship, or love, or the body! I had to go beyond psychology and understand more about the needs of life and all creatures.

I believe in the reality of the soul and spirit and that we live many lifetimes and are gradually evolving. I care deeply for supporting a soul level of relationship between people and between people and animals and all forms of life, including the relationships animals have with each other.

With Feminine Consciousness, we can have the words and power to change the darkest places.

I offer three basic subjects for talks, groups, consultancy.

The Feminine. Past, Present and Future

  • This comes as a talk or a group. Either in person or a webinar or on Zoom.
  • Looking at psychological and spiritual development and attitudes towards women and the Feminine.
  • How it relates to your work.
  • How to integrate the next stage into your work and life.
  • It makes things much easier for everyone and saves money.


  • Water is, by tradition, a Feminine element.
  • Water as mother, soul, Feminine and Masculine water.
  • Moving the soul from expression in the arts to expressing in everyday life.
  • A language for feeling and the soul.
  • For relationship with all life.
  • Animals and their relationships.
  • The Feeling Function.
  • Individual difference.
  • The shadow, and much more.


  • What happens when Earth is left out.
  • Bad Earth decisions.
  • Covid has given us lots of examples of lots of bad earth and water decisions.
  • Teaching Good Earth.
  • Putting limits around physical suffering.
  • Building a Feminine Middle Ground.

These topics are for:

  • Teachers, Business, schools, hospitals, Therapists, Kind people anywhere and everywhere. 
  • Young people.
  • Leaders from any area of life who want to know more about the Feminine and how to integrate it into their workplace.

Call me on 020 8546 0166 or 07745 814983 if you would like to talk before booking.

Margi Ross

Margi Ross