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Introduction to the Conscious Feminine.

Bringing the Feminine into everyday life will balance the energy and solve world problems.

Talk 1: A general introduction to the topic.

The Conscious Feminine is a development in the History of Love and Relationship, the Feminine Principle. It brings hope for all life. First Love found expression in the arts and with those we love. The next stage is for Love to have  a place in life and be a part of the laws of every institution: love for body and soul and towards every living creature. It’s time for relationship to be acknowledged and supported.  A mother nurtures her child: now this nurturing comes into everyday life for all.  The audience may be working within the helping professions, teaching, business or politics – any job where there is a need for support in a Feminine way. Or you may not have a job: anyone who is interested in the topic is welcome. This talk will help the attendees to have the concepts and language to stand for Feminine values with greater skill and authority. To book me for a talk for your organision click here. To attend one of my public groups, click here.

This talk will help anyone looking for the following: support for kindness to people and animals:

  • support for animals
  • The Feminine.Past, present and future.
  • Feminine ideas.
  • The Feminine is the Future.
  • After Feminism.
  • The language of kindness.
  • Speaking for the heart.
  • Standing up for kindness.

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