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The Spiritual and Esoteric Standpoint
Spiritual Psychology and the Feminine

The Feminine is often seen as matter and the Masculine as spirit: the Feminine is both.

Rays 1, 2, and 3 are same as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Christianity. So, Ray 3, the Mother, is the Holy Spirit. A person’s spirit can be Ray 1, 2 or 3. In esoteric astrology Neptune, the planet, is the Mother. Without an understanding of the waters of life, the heart and soul are so misunderstood. Psychological models of healing and therapy put too much emphasis on separation and not enough on the reality of the essential union of all life and how to achieve a consciousness of both union and separateness. The soul needs both. On a personality level we have to own our sexuality and our individual body but that’s only part of the story for the more evolved person.

The infinite unconditional love of the Mother and a consciousness of Her laws and rules will bring a sanity and love into life which has not been seen before.

Depth is a spiritual as height and the middle ground is probably most important of all, for without that there is no safety to explore either depth or height.

Feminine spiritual psychology includes the soul not only as a concept but also as a living reality with needs and a voice.