Tools for the Right Relationship

Right Relationship 
A place for people who care about relationship and/or have relationship wounds

One of the highest and most spiritual aspects of Feminine is relationship: the relationship with all life from the perspective of the soul. The reality is that we are all one and separate at the same time.

Relationship used to mean the relationship with one’s partner. In the Aquarian Age this is one aspect, but it essentially means relationship with all life, including our partner, our family and our pets.

The wish of the Spiritual Feminine is that we see each other without projection, that we don’t dump our negative projections on people and that we own our positive ones. Then we can truly meet each other. We see the being behind the form. The experiencer in that body: the cat, tree, dog, person. There they are.

New ideas are helping us meet with another, rather than dominate or use another being. I’m thinking of Monty Roberts’ work with horses, Jeffrey Masson’s writing on animals and Temple Grandin’s work with cattle. We see from the heart how that animal relates to life. We empathise and enter their world to make life easier for them.

There are new tools and maps to help us understand and heal relationship. I’ll be teaching these in groups and one-to-one sessions.

Subjects include:

  • Meeting: with animals and human beings.
  • Meeting your soul mate and why this doesn’t always work out.
  • Relationships and previous life connection. This refers to friendships and sexual relationships. Are you separating or coming together this lifetime? Or is it a sustaining relationship, where things work out and there are no big conflicts to work through.
  • Astrology as a tool to help you understand yourself and others.Understanding difference and sameness. Two maps which can help us: Jung’s theory of the Four Functions. Alice Bailey’s map of ray energies.
  • Understanding negative and positive projections. People project the parts of themselves that they don’t like onto other people, animals, insects and othyer forms of life. This can result in suffering and sometimes death. It is one of the laws of instinct that what is different from the ‘herd’ is attacked. As humanity moves onto a soul level of consciousness the instinctive response is gradually outgrown and a consciousness of difference and a toleration of difference will be achieved. One of the most important things is the understanding of projection. Conscious women have so much to contribute to this.

Healing the personality.
How the personality develops in childhood. A look at this from a Feminine spiritual and psychological perspective. What happens to the person when the need for relationship isn’t met. This will include looking at the development of the chakras, the mind, body, spirit and the soul. Healing. How long does it take? Which methods work etc.

I also do individual mentoring with people who have wounds to relationship. Please get in touch if you feel I can help.