Creating a Feminine Middle Ground

The building of a Feminine Middle Ground in all areas of life

The Feminine is an equal and opposite reality to the Masculine and deserves equal funding and representation within the institutions. If there is a Middle Ground, human sanity can be maintained in that area of life and kindness and bearable limits are always there. A good example is the Hospice Movement, which was created by Dame Cecily Saunders. She brought sanity and kindness into the experience of death and dying. It is the task of conscious women to bring a Middle Ground into the areas of life that have none. This includes the treatment of animals and humans. i.e. If someone is in hospital in Britain, their basic clinical needs are looked after, up to a point, but the need for a consistent kindness and a subtlety of response to the needs of their body and soul and their humanity is not held as a conscious value by the hospital authorities.

In school the subjects taught are based on a Masculine way of thinking. The institutions are the bastions of  Masculine bodies of knowledge, even if women have contributed to these. No woman would get a degree, at whatever level, unless it was approved of by ‘The Fathers’ and unless it adhered to what is essentially a Masculine frame of reference. What would a school curriculum based on Feminine (not Feminist) values look like? 

This is what we have to build.