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Margi Ross

Supporting the Conscious Feminine. A Handbook for Women of All Ages

By Margi Ross. ISBN 9780953939718. Cost £10.

According to spiritual teaching, the next 2000 years are about the unfolding of the Mother Principle.

This will balance the Masculine and bring compassion, care and relatedness into everyday life.

We do not have to wait for 2000 years! By our love and making small changes, big things happen. This is the Feminine Way.

The New Feminine

The New Feminine is the Feminine Christ Consciousness. It means that the Feminine has a voice and human beings who can speak for Her.

Seeing through the eyes of the Feminine

If we see through the eyes of the Mother, we see with sympathy and empathy. She sees what is wrong and She says ‘How do my ‘beings’ (not ‘doings’) feel as they evolve.’ This ‘feel’ is not only about emotion, but about the experience of the soul in time and space, and every being is soul.

The Conscious Feminine is about the Protection of the Heart and its Values

Before the Conscious Feminine, there has not been words, or a consciousness, to protect our inner world, to protect and care for the soul in all Beings, in all Life.

Many children and adults feel (in their hearts and souls) that it is not right to kill animals to eat and not right to use them for experiments.

The Conscious Feminine brings us into relationship with life, so we relate to every living being. Domination is renounced and we strive to see the other. It brings in the possibility of an ‘I-Thou’ relationship with everything.

In the Bible it says ‘the wolf also shall lie down with the kid…And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together…’ (Isaiah Ch 11, v 6-7). This is both an inner and an outer truth. As we all become more peaceful inside ourselves and relate to all life, rather than dominate it, Nature Herself will calm down and be less violent.

The Age of Aquarius is about Relationship and the Truth of Inter-relatedness

Potentially, it is about all of us being able to relate to each other, with an understanding of difference.

The opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo, the sign of the heart, the child, the individual, and the sun. We always have to include the opposite sign in any Age.

This means that in the Age of Aquarius, we have to balance the needs of the group with the reality and sacredness of the individual person and their needs. The Feminine Principle can teach us how to do this.