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Margi Ross

The Conscious Feminine. The Next Step in the Development of the Feminine

By Margi Ross. ISBN: 9780953939749. Price: £17.


The Conscious Feminine is about differentiating the Feminine. This means defining what it is, sorting it and giving it a language and support for the first time in the history of the world. It is the next step in the development of the Feminine Principle.

The energy in life is meant to be balanced, with both Masculine and Feminine having an equal place. With the arrival of Feminine Consciousness this balance can, in time, be achieved.

Down the ages many people have served the Feminine Principle. The potential of the Aquarian Age is to make Feminine values a reality which permeates every aspect of life. I hope this book will provide some food and support.

1. The Conscious Feminine

One of the most important aspects of the next two thousand years, the Age of Aquarius, is the unfolding of the nurturing, caring principle of the Mother. As this comes into life, the compassion, care and inclusiveness of the Feminine can become a part of everyday life.

In order for this to happen, the next step is the birth of the Conscious Daughter, who can be a mediator between the archetypal and spiritual Feminine and the external world. As the Daughter is born, different areas of life, which come under the province of the Feminine, will be given a voice and language. Unconditional love, relatedness, compassion, kindness and common sense are some of the major qualities of the Spiritual Feminine. These qualities do not yet have a voice in life as an equal reality to the Masculine.

The ‘Conscious Feminine’ is about humanising the areas of life which come under Feminine Jurisdiction, under Feminine Spiritual Law. The human ‘Daughter’ is any woman who can take an area of this reality and mediate it, for the first time. There are some women who can do this now, or who have the potential. When a woman can do this, the Feminine does not have to stay in the unconscious: it can be made a part of our culture and meet the needs of the Feminine in men, women, children, animals and all life. One aspect of this New Feminine is being able to stand for the reality of the soul and for love and relationship in the external world. Until women profoundly influence the structures of society in a way that serves the Spiritual Feminine, nothing will change.

Feeling and emotion have been held by the arts. Now is a transitional time where we have to create a new language to carry a greater subtlety of the human soul and spirit. We, as women, have to father the Feminine as well as mother Her. We have to give the Feminine structure and words. The differentiation of the Masculine, which has been happening for thousands of years, has been a sorting of difference. The differentiation of the Feminine will enable us to hold all difference from a place of unity.

Masculine order is established in life. There is something called Feminine Order and it is a different way of ordering. The Human Feminine, the Daughter, mediates the archetypal and spiritual Feminine. She differentiates, sorts and articulates. She gives a language and a form to a truth and beauty which has not had such support before: this is the task of the Daughter. This truth will soften and humanise life and make it much less frightening for everyone. It will bring stability where there has not been stability before and save millions of lives, prevent suffering and save money.