The Main Ideas

Some time ago I went to a conference about the Feminine, organised by Amnesty International. One of the questions that came up was ‘What is the Feminine?’ The question showed the need to define what the Feminine is. The Conscious Feminine answers this need, and enables Feminine reality and values to  come into everyday life. As we do this, it will bring safety and love into life where previously there has been so much fear and pain. The Conscious Feminine shines a light into the darkest places, where no light has been shone before, so that these places can be healed.

With the Feminine, relationship is never left out when making any decision. This can be relationship between people, or between people and animals or any aspect of life. Imagine a world where this was the law! This is one of the main points about the Conscious Feminine.

Feminine values and reality would be taught in schools: kindness, good boundaries, how to be in society in a way that considers other people. Compassion and care for others… These would be given as much time and funding as traditional subjects.


Feeling, how people feel, has always had a place in the arts, especially in music. But feeling doesn’t have a place in life, except in romantic relationships and love for one’s family and pets and friends. It is often labelled as ‘sentimental’ when it is simply the voice of the soul, the inner experiencer. One of a woman’s jobs is to support the soul in life and trust it’s reality and right to have a voice. She does the same for the body.

The Feminine elements of earth and water are seen as less spiritual than air and fire and the people who carry these energies are often looked down on. As they have a voice and a language this will stop. The world of earth and water is a beautiful world and we can start to see this clearly for the first time. One aspect of earth is making sure that the body is cared for: e.g. making sure that there are clean loos for people. Without the middle ground that Feminine consciousness provides, the experience of soul and body often goes into the unbearable. This will stop.

The Feminine embraces many different areas of life. Four of these are:

The soul

The inner subjective experiencer of life.

The body

Matter and energy

The Feminine spirit

A consciousness of the Feminine gives a human voice to the instincts, so that people don’t have to explode with rage. It makes life kinder.

Everyone wants to love and relate and when they can’t, the instincts kick in and we often react with violence and anger. Underneath there is a sea of grief. The Conscious Feminine builds the ground that will make sure the true needs are met.

Feminism was about women finding their place in society, but it’s a Masculine society. Over the next 2000 years they have to bring the compassion, care and unconditional love of the Mother into every walk of life. This will make the world a much kinder and safer place to be in.

The Conscious Feminine does not shut men out: it includes them. There are lots of men who are acutely conscious of the soul and body and of Feminine values.

All this serves relationship and helps bring about harmony where there has been discord and suffering.