I’ve been moved this week by the testimonies of the Auschwitz survivors and I cried  for the animals and people who have burnt to death in the fires in Australia. No living being should ever burn to death: it hurts too much. I thought too of the emotional shock as they, like the people in the death camps, lost their relatives and friends.

Never again. Or ‘all the time’. There are people in extreme suffering all over the world and we let this happen. When I was crying for the animals, I was also saying sorry, because I caused the fires in Australia. Every human is responsible. There are fires every year but not on this scale.

To treat a living creature as if that being is not real and like their suffering does not matter is to behave like a Nazi. We do this every time we factory farm or experiment on an animal or bird. How can we do this?

We do it because women do not yet stand up to protect the bodies and souls of all living creatures. They don’t obey the Laws of the Mother.

As the Feminine moves onto a soul level, the Feminine will find Her voice at last and we will have some human boundaries.

© Margi Ross January 2020