Another World: an astonishing DVD

Oct 25, 2015 | Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 2 comments

A friend sent me a beautiful DVD. It’s called ‘Another World’ and it’s directed by Thomas Torelli. For a long time I’ve known that we are all one and if I’d been better at maths I may have gone for a career in Quantum physics, rather than spending my life writing about this truth from the level of the soul and body, and what that means.

The DVD is a film about the truth of the Earth and the universe and the oneness of all life. The people in the film are Italian scientists and a beautiful man from the Hopi tribe and other kindred spirits. I found it so supportive, to hear others sounding the truth that is my sound. It made me feel not so alone. They are saying that Quantum physics supports the truth that the people who honour the earth, like the Native American Indians, have always known. In the Alice Bailey teachings it says how the proof of so much that is about the essential oneness of all life will come from science. The fact is that the people who don’t know, require proof and this film will help them. For those of us who do know, in our hearts and souls and bodies, this DVD is a love letter to the Earth and all life from those who love Her and serve Her. It has a marvelous section about water! This planet is mostly water, not earth!……It goes into the work of Emoto and his work with water and how water changes according to the sounds and emotions that it is receiving. It will help homeopaths to validate their work.

Thank you Thomas Torelli and everyone in the film.

You can find out about this DVD by going to Another World. Thomas Torelli. Just type it into Google.