Being Betrayed

Oct 19, 2019 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

A long time ago I was talking with a woman about the Feminine and she said ‘there’s not a woman in the West who hasn’t betrayed Her’. She meant the Feminine aspect of what we call God. She has been know down the ages as Our Lady’ Notre Dame, Nut, Isis and other names. She is Divine Feminine Love and Law.

So, I’ve betrayed Her, so has my friend, so has every women in the East and the West. Until you know what something is, you have no choice. The Divine Feminine is giving birth to women who can describe Her, then , as Her energy is respected and She comes into life, Her safety, love and kindness will come into the world and the energy in life will be balanced.

I’ve been betrayed a lot. One way in which I’ve been betrayed is having the shadow dumped on me because I carry the Feminine and the Feminine is seen as ‘not spiritual’, or not as spiritual as the Masculine! What does betrayal teach us? I once had a dream in which I was told ‘you don’t yet understand the betrayer as the enabler’. I do now. When we are betrayed sometimes it enables us to grow stronger and stand for what we believe inand without being betrayed I would not have got to this place.. There’s a scene in the film ’Braveheart’ where William Wallace is betrayed by his friend Robert the Bruce. We are often betrayed by a person we really trust. Jesus was betrayed by his disciples yet the Church was built, not on perfect people, but on people who were learning how not to betray. It’s a tough path.

When something is as totally repressed as the Feminine aspect of what we call God it is betrayed all the time. One aspect of Feminine Law is that we don’t use another being for anything. You never treat any being as a object, for any reason. So that would end experiments on animals and all factory farming. We betray animals all the time by letting them be used. Then when they get sick because of our betrayal, like cows with TB, we blame badgers.

As long as the body and the living world is not seen as sacred it will always be used and treated as expendable, as will the being that is inhabiting that body. How dare peo0ple do this to us and to animals, birds and other beings.

The soul costs. It often means being betrayed and misunderstood, but it’s always worth it and through our endeavour, it helps everyone tune themselves to Love.

 © Margi Ross October 2019