Being on the side of Love

Dec 9, 2016 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 2 comments

A world without an empowered Feminine is psychopathic in its attitude toward people, animals and all life.

Feminine consciousness is about raising the Feminine onto a soul level. One aspect of the instinctive level has been the domination of one being or one group over another. With this attitude, the body is seen as an object and animals as food. I wasn’t taught that the body is sacred, or how to look after my body or that animals have feelings and relationships and that they love. I don’t see women in power in politics insisting that these Truths are taught, but it has to happen. Who wants women to be in life supporting Masculine values? This means that the Masculine is doubly supported. The Feminine insists that we deepen and empathise and don’t transcend what should never be transcended! It is possible to stay in touch with our depths and be in the world without drowning in despair or grief. Only when women say that it is wrong to treat the body of any living creature badly and insist that it stops, will it stop. Feminism is not about women being equal to men so they can perpetrate the same sort of abuse to the world that some men perpetrate. It’s about saying ’ no’ to any act which offends relationship to any living creature. Women have to stand, en masse, for and behalf of Love. Then the good men and women who already stand for kindness, love and relationship to all living creatures will have the support they need. This is the next step in the development of women and the Feminine.