Being on the side of the Feminine.

Aug 26, 2018 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

I didn’t know anything about the Feminine until I was in my 30s. If anyone had asked me what the Feminine was, I would have probably have said ’love, kindness,  softness’. I would not have said ‘God’, or known anything about the Greek Myths or the Feminine in Religion or Matriarchal Cultures. This is because it wouldn’t have been taught to me in school or anywhere else.

We all betray the Feminine, all the time, myself  included. I have only now begun to not betray Her. The Feminine is another country. Not a country of perfectionism. A country of beauty which has nothing to do with perfect.

In mythology, Gaia, the Earth, had a son named Uranus, they mate and have children called the Titans. Uranus doesn’t like then because they are not ‘perfect’ by his standard. Gaia is very upset and asked all the children if they can help Her. Only Saturn says ‘yes’. He cuts of his father’s genitals. It’s interesting that it’s Saturn. The Feminine makes us human and Saturn makes things human in the individual and the collective psyche. He’s the Lord of boundaries.  Everything depends on Him. When the blood of Uranus falls into the sea, Aphrodite is born from the waves. When His blood falls on the Earth, the Furies are born. So, this myth gives us an a clear indication of what we have to work with as humans. It also gives us the birth of a consciousness of water and earth, the Feminine elements: of Love and Instinctive Truth. The plus side of Uranus is that he gives us the ability to differentiate and when we can do this, we can describe what something is.

So, first we have to know what the Feminine is, then we can defend Her. My books give you the language and concepts, so do the free articles on this site and the other information. Together we can balance the energy in life and stop bad things happening.