Bringing the true Feminine into everyday life.

May 15, 2018 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

Feminism got women out into the world, now the Feminine has to be in the world. The structures in society have been created by men, with a few exceptions like the Hospice Movement, created by Dame Cecily Saunders.

Women have unconsciously just done what they do, so have men. It’s amazing what can happen when women consciously speak from their own reality without expecting  a man to validate what they are saying. Without women who can truly speak for the Feminine, the base on which everything rests is very shaky. Life does not rest on ideas, but on the reality of life experienced by each living creature.

At present all Feminine members of parliament have to speak in a way which men can understand. They don’t yet stand up for Feminine reality because it hasn’t been consciously known. With Feminine reality the needs of all creatures are taken into account when making any decision. The ends do not justify the means and people don’t come first. Within Feminine reality things can be achieved in a kind way. e.g. When a new stadium is being built in any country, it isn’t built on the bodies of the people who are employed very cheaply and exploited. I’m waiting for the day when a top athlete says ‘no’ to competing in an Olympics or other tournament because it’s been built on the suffering of others. There are so many good men in the world but Feminism has enabled the ‘bad’ Masculine to be doubly supported in some areas because the women has come from her will, not from a different way of seeing. The Feminine will make it easier for good men and women to change the world into a kinder, safer place.

The true Feminine is bringing the nurturing principle of the Mother into everyday life, enabling life to live. It will build a sane middle ground for the first time in the history of the world