Defusing the bomb of the instincts.

Jul 1, 2016 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 1 comment

By integrating and including the reality of earth and water,  by always including and considering the needs of the Feminine in people and in all Life, we defuse the bomb of the instinctive reaction to injustice and save the world from drowning in the grief that is the natural response to loss and despair. This is the promise of the next stage in the development of the Feminine.

So, how does this happen? In a world defined in Masculine terms the Feminine elements of earth and water, body and soul, are ignored, imprisoned and/or transcended: they are left out and not seen to be as important as the intellect. Pain hurts and it is the will of the Feminine aspect of the Divine that we bring pain into bearable limits. This refers to both physical pain and to emotional and soul pain. We do this by standing up for this reality and teaching it. The Piscean Age, where the body was looked upon as sinful and not sacred by the Church, is over!  We must teach people that all life is sacred, and that pain must always be kept within bearable limits. This will take life experience onto a soul level and everyone will breath a sigh of relief, whether they are animal, human, or any form of life. In esoteric teaching and according to Feminine Truth, the body is the Grail, the holder of spirit and soul, the sacred vessel that takes us across the waters of life. The boat that sails on the sea of life. The Conscious woman makes life saner! By taking charge in the areas of Life which belong to the Feminine and have been taken over by the Masculine, we at last get back our country and our reality.