Fathering the Feminine

May 28, 2019 | Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

I know of many women who are brilliant at describing what the Feminine is, in the area of life they work in. What’s difficult to devbelop is the ability to father that truth so it comes into life. We are all learning to do this now.

I was in Waterloo station recently and on the entrance doors to the Ladies was a notice saying it was closed and we had to loose the Gent’s toilet. This sums up the state of the world! If there had been a woman with a Feminine consciousness in charge of decision making at Waterloo there would be working toilets at ground level. The same would be true at Clapham Junction. There is just one small loo in one of the largest stations..

Teresa May remarked that there have been 2 women Prime Ministers. There hasn’t been one women Prime Minister yet, anywhere in the world. Maybe New Zealand has someone who is getting closer. A woman Prime Minister would look after the bodies and souls and put this before commercial interests. This is fathering the Feminine: standing for Feminine Reality in the world. Temple Grandin, with her new ideas about cattle welfare, gained a university PHD to make sure her ideas would not be lost. This should not be necessary in the future. The Feminine is a different reality. It balances the energy. and makes sure that life can live. It is Love Herself, looking after the body, soul and spirit of every living creature and making sure they are protected and their needs are met. 

© Margi Ross 28 5 2019