Feminine Consciousness brings so much hope!

Apr 1, 2021 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

Feminine Consciousness brings so much hope! It can heal the darkest places because it gives boundaries and limits where there have been none before. Down the ages, ‘civilization’ has been established through the creation of the family unit and by the building of institutions which have been organized according to Masculine values. There had to be some basic structures to create and maintain order before the energy could be balanced by bringing in the Feminine.

One thing that is obvious from the covid crisis is how experience has not been valued and terrible things have happened because of this. Why weren’t front line staff in hospitals asked what they needed? Science is an important consideration when looking at medical issues but if it’s not linked with relating skills, love and Feminine common sense, people die and millions of pounds are wasted. ‘How to speak for the Feminine’ would be a great subject to be taught in schools:-

  • What is the Feminine?
  • How do we recognise it?
  • How do we describe it?
  • Where do we go inside ourselves to know what to say?
  • The Feminine and animals. How do you feel if you are an animal?

This has nothing to do with Feminism, which said women and men are equal. This is where we say the Feminine is equal to the Masculine and should be treated as such.

© Margi Ross April 2021