Following your Truth.

Apr 2, 2017 | Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 5 comments

I’ve always been following a path. I remember seeing hoof prints on the ground when I was a child and knowing they led somewhere. I knew I had to follow these magic signs. Do you have symbols of Truth which have been constant for you throughout your life? Or maybe the symbols changed for you?

Truth gets grabbed by organisations, usually after the person who discovered that Truth has passed and then the people in charge make it into something rigid. The world religions are good examples of this, but you can look at any new body of knowledge and what has happened to it. This is just the way things are in the world. But ……… the Truth belongs to the people who serve that Truth in spirit. This will depend on the history of their soul. The Truth is in the spirit and in those who belong to that path. They are the true custodians.

Sometimes people  who serve the Feminine are in a lifetime where they need to get qualifications to follow their path. This is true if you need a body of knowledge which has been established within a Masculine culture. A good example is Dame Cicely Saunders, who founded the Hospice Movement. She knew she had to be qualified as a doctor in order to do her work. Some people know as much or more than the people who are ‘qualified’. It would be great if people were open to learning from people who have instinctive wisdom about an aspect of life.

Pure Feminine thought is something different than Masculine thought.  As Maria Callas said ‘ you must listen with your ears and your soul. The mind must listen but not too much’. There is a whole body of Feminine knowledge which is waiting to be born from the Feminine. This will solve so many world and personal problems. I’ve spent a lot of my time writing about this. Have a look @ ‘The Conscious Feminine. Toolkit’. It’s a good introduction to my work.

When the structures of society are run by people who are not aware of the soul, it puts all life in peril. Some Truths can never be proved by science and they are still Truth. So follow your path. If you stay true to your soul you cannot fail because your integrity will always lead you home.