God is both Feminine and Masculine

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The spiritual revelations of the past 2000 years have been about God the Father, now it’s time to know about the nature of God the Mother. What is the nature of the Feminine?

When I first started to look at this issue, I was surprised that Feminists had not looked at the spiritual issues around equality of Feminine and Masculine. The spiritual Feminine has always been oppressed. Some men and women are attached to a transcendent view of spirituality and of God as Father.

The writings of Alice Bailey can help us. She was a woman whose spiritual job was to write down the truths in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. These are basic truths about the nature of life, why we’re here, etc. She writes that there are 7 different Ray Energies expressing in life. They are:

Ray 1 – Will
Ray 2 – Love-Wisdom.
Ray 3– Active Intelligence.
Ray 4– Art and Harmony through Conflict.
Ray 5– Concrete Science
Ray 6– Devotion.
Ray 7– Ceremonial Magic.

The first 3 Rays are the same as Father, Son and Holy Spirit as taught in the Bible. The 3rd Ray is the Ray of the Feminine. She is Divine Mind, the Holy Spirit.

What’s happening now is the Feminine aspect of the Divine is coming into life, through our care and concern for others, including animals and other forms of life.  This Planet of course is Feminine and we are Her guests. If we don’t learn how too relate to Her, we won’t have a planet to live on.

So, God is both Father and Mother. The Feminine is both transcendent and immanent. Every being is an expression of the soul of the world and behind every form is this soul.

The soul of an individual person can be on one of the Rays, usually one of the first 3, The personality is an expression of any of the Rays and is made up of the Lower Mental Body, the Emotional Body and the Physical.

Every person has a Ray of the spirit, which is one of the first 3 in the list. Thus you may be a man who has a 3rd Ray spirit, and a third Ray soul and a third Ray personality! The Feminine is the web of life and Her Truth rests in the fact that we are all one and that we need to relate to and see every being as sacred. So you may be working in a situation which serves nature, or the environment, etc.

I was watching a programme called ‘The real Dr Zhivago’ on BBC 4 at 9 last Tuesday. Pasternak, the author of Dr Zhivago, had a difficult life and wrote with great depth about human suffering. I have a book* where you can look up the Ray energies of deceased people and of course, he had a 3rd Ray soul, as did the singer Maria Callas.

Feminine Beauty is a different beauty than the Masculine sense of Beauty. It’s not about perfection: She understands our struggle to understand the real mysteries of Life and the Beauty behind every single being.

Some of this may sound complicated but it simplifies things because with this map, we can start to balance the way life and all living creatures are seen. Spirituality is not just about the Will. Of course the Law had always been Love under Will, but we can see the Feminine as equally spiritual to the Masculine and not ‘inferior’ because matter is not seen as spritual!! We can start to treat matter kindly and maybe on religious programmes they can start to talk about Him and Her upstairs………

  • See Benjamin Creme ‘Maitreya’s Mission’. Vol 3.

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