Healing the ability to speak for the soul and for Feminine Truth.

Dec 30, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Most women feel paralyzed with regard to getting what they know inside, out into the world. One of the major reasons for this is a sense of being overwhelmed. We can be aware of so many different things that need saying. One reason for this is that Feminine Knowledge is very very old, but it hasn’t been held in that collective. No universities are dedicated to Feminine Truth!

If you are in a university, the body of knowledge that you are learning has already been sorted. Only at PHD level can you come up with something truly original but even then it has to have a Masculine base, or ‘frame of reference’. Your reasoning has to be built on what has already been said.

If you are studying music everyone knows what an opera is: but who knows what the Feminine is? The Feminine is only just beginning to be known. Humanity is at the very very beginning of this relationship.

One of the main reasons to write about the Feminine is that when we do this, we raise up the knowledge into consciousness. This makes it part of collective knowledge and it can be there for everyone! At last the Feminine can have a voice. Love can have a voice.

I strongly recommend that women get their heads around technology, for the sake of Love! It is very easy to publish a book on Kindle. I prefer paper books, which are more difficult to publish, whether you do it yourself or find a publisher: but at least with Kindle it’s ‘out there’ and so are you and the knowledge you hold. You are giving a voice to the Mother and the Wisdom and Laws of Her Love and Truth.