Healing the Darkest Places. Part 1.

Aug 24, 2015 | Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

Feminine Consciousness can heal the darkest places because it prevents suffering by ordering areas of life which have had no order. Down the ages, ‘civilization’ has been established through the creation of the family unit and by the building of institutions which have been organized according to Masculine values. There had to be some basic structures to create and maintain order before the energy could be balanced by bringing in the Feminine.

I’m sure that most people would like clinical excellence to be balanced by kindness and real care for themselves and their loved ones. At present this is a hit or miss affair in this country. When I watch programmes like ‘Casualty’ or ‘Holby City’ there are characters who, by Feminine standards, should not be qualified as doctors or nurses because they don’t know how to care and they don’t consider it important. If the Feminine was treated as an equal and opposite reality, if Love and the ability to relate was considered to be as important as scientific knowledge of the body, imaging what it would be like in hospital: you would feel safe! Because Feminine values are not a part of all institutions, terrible things happen all the time and women don’t yet say this is wrong. They understand the bad things that are happening but don’t stand against them yet, en masse. Giving a language to the Feminine enables people to stand for kindness in every area of life. Toolkit_Book-1

© Margi Ross August 2015