How Therapy needs to re-tune itself to the needs of the Aquarian Age: the Age of Love and Right Relationship.

Jun 7, 2016 | Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Uncategorized, Water & Earth | 2 comments

Mythology and the work of Jung have done so much to help us hold our relationship to the inner world of the archetypes but since a woman’s life is about our relationship to all life, not just to our inner world, what tools and concepts do we need to help us hold our reality?

If we look at current maps of therapy, they all spring from men or from women who have trained with men. They are also representative of a culture where love and relationship are not part of life, except when experienced in sexual relationships, with children and animals, or with strong friendships. As we change into the Age of Aquarius we have to re-tune ourselves to the note of the time. With the Aquarian Age comes Right Relationship. The ‘vibrational level’ of the way we approach therapy and relationship has to be raised. How are we to do this? It is the beginning of seeing each other without projection and the beginning of making love a practical reality which has clear concepts. We need concepts which can hold the heart in everyday life so that love can be is raised from the emotional plane, where it has had such a fragile and violent life, onto a firm basis. In order to do this we need maps which can hold love and relationship, not maps in which they have been left out. We must have Masculine and Feminine thought forms (ways of thinking) about spirituality, and how one progresses spiritually.

Current thought forms about how one progresses spiritually are, to a large extent, Masculine. At some point in time, women will have to get their minds back from the Masculine authorities that they have given them over to, then the world can be healed. eg psychological models have to be constantly questioned with a view to whether they support Feminine Consciousness, or whether they hold it back. Even more so if we love and respect the founders of the various schools: always remember that the institutions are the caretakers of Masculine bodies of knowledge, not Feminine.