It’s time to bring the Feminine into the structures of life: the hospitals, schools, everywhere.

Mar 21, 2018 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

The structures in life have been set up by men and they serve the Masculine aspects of the psyche. They have given us schools, banks, hospitals, the police, etc. These are the basics of caring and order and safety in any society but they leave out the quality of life. They don’t look after and include the Feminine arts of relationship and caring. They leave out what the body and soul need. There is no conscious care for how people and other forms of life feel within Masculine structures. The Feminine is not held and funded as an equal reality. For the woman who is truly being a woman it matters how every living creature feels.

The Feminine way of being and thinking is different. Women are caught in Masculine ways of thinking because it is only the Masculine which is known. It’s not so long ago that women were seen as delicate and sensitive and liable to faint at the slightest provocation. Feminism has enabled women to train in professions which were previously seen as Masculine. What would happen if women insisted that the Feminine was brought into these professions? If they insisted on greater care for people (including doctors), more gentleness, no experimenting on animals. Would the men and women in charge think it was a great idea? I doubt it!

Women can bring in Feminine ideas but they are not yet accepted into the professions in general. Dame Cecily Saunders founded the Hospice movement. She saw the need for kindness and a better way of treating people when they were dying. Has this been incorporated into general hospital policy? Do women in the medical professions insist it is? No they don’t. You can see it’s early days in the development of women and the Feminine. What’s been missing is the language and confidence to explain what the Feminine is and the benefits it brings. This is my work: to give the Feminine the language and concepts.

The next step for women is to realise what is going on and start to truly learn what the Feminine is and what it means to be on the side of life and to protect all life. Women have given their brains over to men without realising it: now they have to get them back.