More about Water and Earth and what the body and soul need from us.

Nov 8, 2016 | Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 2 comments

A dear friend of mine has been having breakdown this year. She needs containing, but as many of you know, in Britain, ‘care in the community’ means that only a limited time is allowed in hospital, then people are supposed to cope outside.

A breakdown is often about grief. Sometimes, it’s not just grief about the present but all the past grief can come up, then one is in big trouble. Imagine a river without banks, or the sea without shores. Or trying to drink water without some sort of container. Water needs earth. You can’t contain grief with an idea, such as an understanding of why you are sad. Water depends on your body, and being in your body, and having a safe place to live. Having people to turn to. Sometimes people need to be in a safe place where they are contained. A few years ago another friend of mine begged for an extra week in a secure until. His request was refused and he committed suicide.

When I saw the film ‘Braveheart’ I knew I had to fully land in my body. In Jungian terms I’m a feeling type, with sensation (earth) as my second function. Both have no support in the collective. Earth and particularly earthy truth and the rage which comes from it’s suppression, has no support. So, if relationship is not supported, the Furies, the instinctive energy which is outraged at the violation of Feminine Law, kicks in. Then on top of the often oceanic grief, you are in, you are accused of being hostile and angry and a bad person. This is particularly prevalent in some spiritual circles. What’s needed is a deep understanding of both grief and rage and what the non-holding of the Feminine does to the brains of all living creatures.

So, how did I heal my earth? I had a lot of homeopathy, massage and osteopathy, all of which gradually reconnected me to my body. A Masculine society is psychopathic in its nature. Look at now, where governments don’t know how to stop the slaughter in so many paths of the world.: where great cruelty to humans and animals is accepted as a part of life. If women stand for the fact that its wrong to treat the body and soul badly, for any reason, then the cruelty will stop. But women have to stand for this and not side with any person, male or female, who sanctions the ill treatment of any creature, for any reason.