Quality Time

Mar 20, 2016 | Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

I hate the words ‘quality time’. They mean time to be with someone, time to relate and touch and talk if you want to. Time to catch up. They can mean time to be, to go swimming, to make love.

I’m a feeling type with sensation as my second function. If the world was in my language and if my needs were met, all time would be what the world calls ‘quality time’! For quality time is water and earth time. It makes me so aware of how totally impoverished the world is, that the phrase ‘quality time’ exists at all.

When will women find the time to make sure the world is in their own language and being is as valued as doing? When they insist that the world is organised in a way that makes sure that no-one has to work all the time to make ends meet! It will happen! Then we won’t need the words ‘quality time’!