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In esoteric teaching, the Holy Spirit is Feminine. She is the energy that ensouls matter. She is also transcendent. God is not only Father but Mother too.

The wish of the Sacred Feminine is that we see each other without projection. I was listening to a marvelous play on Radio 4 last week.* ‘Eurydice and Orpheus’.The young woman could truly see Orpheus. She said ‘when you sing, you shine’. If we could truly see the energy behind the form, we would see that every living creature shines. I once saw a tree. Not the physical tree. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life: because I could see and meet the being, the living energy, that the physical was the outer expression of.

In school, we are not taught this truth. That every living creature, including ourselves, is shimmering. I once wrote a poem for a racehorse who died. His name was Gloria Victis. He touched my heart. Here it is:

For Gloria Victis
Here I am
Shimmering in my body.

Feeling alive while I
Spread my wings,
While I gallop on the ground,
Learning to jump safely
And to fly

Don’t grieve for me
But remember my spirit
And how I taught people
Through my horse life
That the spirit is.
In horse

In the stillness
The whinnying
The quietness
The leaps

In my short horse life
I was here for the spirit
I’d have liked more time
To nuzzle
To greet
To fly

But I did live
And I showed my spirit.

Take heart.

© Margi Ross 2000 & September 2015

*By Simon Armitage. Monday 21st Radio 4 at 2.15.