Social Media, the Feminine and the Soul

Oct 13, 2017 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

If I look at what is often most popular on Social Media, it is videos and/or words which speak for kindness and relationship and love. It shows the longing in the collective for the soul and body to be included.

Technology has kidnapped the idea of relationship. It’s not about Selfies, it’s about seeing and meeting and you can’t do that through or with technology. The role of the digital is to help us connect, so we can arrange to meet. Then we can meet.

All the structures in the external world are Masculine and it’s obvious that they’re not working too well. In the future no woman will allow millions of people and horses to be killed, like what happened in the 1st World war, or allow animals to be kept for food in factory farms, or experimented on. Women will make sure that no-one is sleeping in the streets, or drowning in any way. So, in the future, when women have found their voices and their integrity and reality, the cruelty will stop. It is Feminine spiritual law: that every being is sacred and experience should not go beyond the limits of what anyone can bear. We take the Feminine onto a soul level. That’s the next step for us all.

Masculine spiritual beliefs have led to the belief that body and soul are not sacred and spiritual. The sexual bond between men and women meant that she supported that reality.

I’ve been working to differentiate the Feminine for 31 years. The language and concepts which can help this Feminine are here. This global movement is happening at last.

So, this is what women will stand for in the future and this will take so much fear out of life. The killing and terror has to stop and women will make sure that it stops.