There’s some big building work going on around my house. I had a colony of sparrows in my garden who nested in a big barn on the site to be developed. They disappeared two days ago when the building started. The developers did a survey for wildlife before they began. The man in charge of the site is a kind man, very keen on preserving wildlife. He’s asked for another survey. I’ve asked for the lights to be switched off in the building site at night. (They were left on in one small area and this may have distrubed the birds).

I’m mentioning this because with the best will in the world, which the developers and builders have, without a Feminine eye and voice, bad things happen. I miss my sparrow friends. It hurts so much to die and loose your home, whoever you are, and I feel responsible. I believe with all my being that people don’t come first.
I just said to the manager that really, they didn’t need a survey. Anyone with a heart and common sense could have told them that a huge old yard which has been empty for two years is going to full of wildlife including birds and it needs to be left until after the breeding season. I was assured that this would be honoured when I first approached the developers. (Sparrows are a protected species and it’s a wildlife crime to disturb their nesting places between April and end of September)

If the Feminine were included this would of course have been honoured. The Feminine will have an equal place in life: it’s what’s going to happen. It’s nothing to do with Feminism, it’s about the Mother, the nurturing, sustaining life principle having an equal place to the Masculine.

I was just listening to a programme about the cutting down of trees in Sheffield. (Our Trees. Radio 4. 2.45. June 24th). A tree is a living being. Again, if the Feminine were included in the structures of society, like Councils and the Government, this would not happen. The people tried to stop the slaughter but were powerless. A land without the Feminine is a land without protection for life and it’s very frightening, specially if you’re a sparrow or a tree or any being that isn’t valued.

© Margi Ross June 24th 2019