The Conscious Feminine is the soul level of the Feminine.

Aug 22, 2016 | Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Uncategorized, Water & Earth | 0 comments

The Feminine Principle has given birth to women who can speak for Her. The Human Daughter speaks as individual soul, on behalf of the Mother. This is the Feminine Christ consciousness. Not some great being, just a simple caring that insists that both soul and body matter. You can see these people doing this already, in so many areas of life.

If your body and your soul are treated like you don’t matter and you have to sit there watching your loved ones being blown to pieces or starving to death, the instincts speak for you and you get angry, die, or just manage to survive. Or you hide in terror. A mother would not let her own child be killed, why do women only stand up for their own children? Because that’s how it is when women haven’t found their voice yet and do not trust themselves to support Feminine Truth and common sense. But they will. It took me 30 years to find my voice. In a Masculine culture we are taught to connect our brain to our intellect, not to our hearts and souls and bodies and the wisdom of instinct.

The anger that speaks for the injustice is seldom seen as a reaction to a wrong that has been done. Like Parsifal in the Grail story, we have to ask ‘What ails thee?’ One of the worst things is to be in unbearable pain and to be treated badly because you are angry. The way the body and soul are treated is to a large degree psychopathic, even in so called civilised countries. We are not taught to deepen or empathise and the collective pain is carried by others: animals, birds, and humans.

Women, when they are in government as women, and this has still to happen, will make sure that everyone is fed and that no-one, human or animal, is ill treated in any way. This will take humanity onto the soul level. Men gave us structure: women bring in quality and make sure life can live. When women are in power as women, the astral (emotional) plane will quieten quieten down and people will gradually not be so angry or afraid. This will quieten the animal kingdom too. Matter matters.  If I live in a world where I know I have somewhere to live and enough food and where I know that animals and other forms of life are going to be treated properly, then I don’t feel so afraid. Just as a mother does it for her child, so the Feminine Principle, the Feminine aspect of the Divine, makes sure that life can live. It’s Feminine Law that we care for others, that we truly see others. It is never ok to treat another form of life badly, for any reason.