The Difference between Feminism and the Feminine.

Dec 15, 2017 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

Feminism is the basic truth that women and men are equal and the right to have this acknowledged in every part of the world.

The Feminine is an equal and opposite reality to the Masculine reality by which the world is currently ordered. If you look around the world you can see that Masculine order isn’t working very well: there is no safety and people and animals and other living creatures are treated appallingly in so many parts of the world.

The Masculine has given us structure. The institutions such as banks, universities, etc, are the result of Masculine order. The Masculine has given us so much. What it hasn’t given us is depth and relationship within the structures or kindness and safety for the body and soul. This is the area of the Feminine.

Feminism has made women attempt to be like men, so they can be accepted. This has increased the Masculine power in the world. In order to bring in the Feminine, we have to know what it is, and be able to describe it. It’s been my life’s work to contribute to the differentiation of the Feminine.

Imaging what it would be like if every woman in the world said ‘no’ to cruelty to any living creature. When she could stand against her man’s reality if  he believed in ‘the ends justify the means’. There are good men in the world and they need women to stand for Feminine Truth.  Imagine if President Assad’s wife had been able to stand for the Feminine.  The next step for the Feminine is to bring morality into the world. This takes the living of life onto a soul level, which is the next step for humanity.

The Feminine is unconditional love towards all, and the maintenance of this love and right relationship in every situation. It is the opposite to the will which so dominates in the world today. It is not yet supported in any institution. The Feminine is a different intellectual reality which demands a totally different way of being. It’s not only a set of ideas: it’s the Laws of Life Herself. When we start to obey Her Laws we can all live. This includes every form of life. People don’t come first: every being matters.

© Margi Ross December 2017