The Feminine will soften and ease life for all creatures.

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The Feminine is being differentiated for the first time in the history of the world. This means that She can have a voice and an intellectual framework to support Her reality. She is Love and Relationship and Kindness towards all creatures . Up until now women have experienced this through their love for a partner and their children, their relatives and pets. Over the next 2000 years Feminine Love will come into everyday life, for all creatures. It moves from instinctive expression to soul expression and conscious women and men are already supporting this. It’s spiritual common sense.

Feminism is and has been the fight to establish that women and men are equal. The Conscious Feminine is essentially about Feminine reality being equal and opposite to the Masculine reality which pervades the world. It means that the fact that ‘God’ is both Feminine and Masculine can be recognised and supported. It’s amazing that the structures of life are organised according to a Masculine view of what reality is! When I first started to work on supporting the Feminine I was shocked to realise that Feminists had stopped short of dealing with spiritual issues and the Feminine.

Feminine love tolerates and accepts difference. The Mother is the Mother of all, regardless of their beliefs.

A land without the Feminine is a land dominated by too much will energy, where people and other living creatures are treated as things, as objects, and the ends justify the means. It makes most people scared and split from how they really feel. The Alice Bailey map of Ray Energies is very helpful in opening a door for the Feminine to come in. See map:

According to the Alice Bailey map, there are 7 different qualities of energy expressing in the world and the third, Ray 3, is the same as the Holy Spirit in Christianity. It’s the Ray of the Mother and is Divine Mind.

The Piscean Age was emotional, devotional and very violent. I know things look and are very bad for many people, animals and other forms of life right now. But the Aquarian Age will more creative and more objective. It’s the Age of Tara, the Feminine, and the next 2000 are about the unfolding of Her Love and Kindness and Nurturing. This will make the world a kinder and a safer place for all creatures.