The Freedom to Love

Oct 2, 2020 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

I was watching the English National Opera’s brave and beautiful performance of Puccini’s La Boheme the other day. It was a drive-in setting and all the singers had been rehearsing in separate groups and were socially distancing on stage. Opera is one of the great places where the soul has been finding Her feet and Puccini’s great sad music, I’m sure, will still be loved in a thousand years time. ‘You are my love, and all my life’ sings Mimi to her lover Rudolfo. We have all been there.

The first attempts to express the soul through song began in the west in the 12th Century with the troubadour’s music. This is so recent! Our souls always need to flow but this is not allowed, other than with a lover or children or other close relationships. The great promise the Feminine brings in is this allowing of flow between each of us and all life and all species.

I’ve always been in my soul and needed this flow. Animals need this too, and birds. I love you’ should never never be confined or inhibited or forbidden. It doesn’t mean dependency. Professional organisations forbid the expression of love and kill the soul. ‘I was only doing my job’ is one of the worst things you can say to someone who you have helped. I imagine what it would be like if we were told in school that it was ok to love and love is not only associated with sex. This is the world of the Feminine, the world of Love Herself. This is what Love needs: the Freedom to love.