The Importance of Feminine Consciousness

Nov 9, 2015 | Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

First women got the vote, then a place in the external world. Now the stage is set for Feminine values and reality to become a part of life. It will also bring consciousness to areas of life that have never had consciousness before. Here’s a couple of examples:

It can stop wars and arguments and support good relationship.

When needs aren’t met and our emotional and/or physical existence is threatened, often the instinctive reaction is to be very angry. A conscious woman can reflect on the reason for the anger and give that reason a human voice. Anger is information. It is the voice of instinct saying that a person has been hurt in some way. She can address the needs that are producing the violence. When women can do this on the world stage there will be a huge shift. She can, like Parsifal in the Grail Story, ask ‘What ails thee?’ Then the wounds of the world can be healed.

The conscious woman gives a voice to the depths that haven’t had a voice before. When an area of life is not differentiated, it is ‘psychopathic’. It means that there is no human middle ground: it is in chaos. Sometimes there will be good experience, if there are good people around, sometimes a bad experience. In a world where the Feminine is not represented, physical cruelty to people and animals is accepted as a part of life. It is not part of a world where the Feminine is differentiated.