The importance of water.

Apr 22, 2018 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

The Feminine enables life to live.. One of the most important aspects of this is the provision of water. If you have water to drink then you can get on with your life, so if you have a garden, always leave water out for birds, animals and all forms of life. If you have a window ledge, leave some in a small container. If the Feminine were taught in schools, one subject would be ‘Water and Earth’. Think of the breathe and depth of that subject! Water in all it’s aspects and Earth. Earth as the planet we live on and boundaries, touch, limits, matter, sound……..

Water is the Feeling Function and the flow of your soul. The Mother is giving birth to women who can speak for the soul but first of all they have to learn to speak! Their mothers couldn’t speak because this is a new phenomena, being able to speak for the soul. When I was a child I learning to be with my soul. Then I went out into a Masculine world at 4 and I lost my world and my meaning. It took me a long time to get it back. The Masculine world is about form and capitalism. It’s about survival. The Feminine is Love and quality of being.

Feminine Water speaks for the soul. At last the Mother has a human who can be on Her side. This is huge development in the history of the Feminine, where Love is moving from expression through the love of a sexual partner and children to Her nurturing Love being able to have a place in life. We have Conscious Love. Her Water then flows for all..