The Mother of the World

Nov 2, 2020 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

In the magazine ‘Share International’ (see reply on September 1999 letters page) in answer to the question ‘Who is the Mother of the World? Benjamin Creme answered ‘The Mother of the World is the “Shakti” (female counterpart of the Lord of the World). She is the Female principle, manifesting down through the ages as Mary in the gospel story, as Ishtar of Assyria and Babylonia, and as Isis in ancient Egyptian times. Throughout history, the Mother of the World has taken outer manifestation as the Divine Female Principle. Our God is male/female, and those two aspects of divinity functioning together create the universe.’

The 3rd ray, the Feminine Active Intelligence, is the energy of Life Itself. She is Universal Mind, the Mind of God, or the Goddess, or any of the names by which She is known. In the past she has been known by many names, Nut, Isis, Sophia … there are many more. As this ray is understood, life can be organised with more common sense and intelligence with regard to the needs of all living creatures. A harmony and beauty and inter-relationship between all living things, which the Feminine has always desired for us, can be manifested, here on earth.

© Margi Ross May 2007
From my book ‘The Conscious Feminine. The Next Step in the Development of the Feminine’.