The Price of following your Truth. Earth.

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One of the reasons for Feminine Consciousness is that it will help humanity go onto a soul level, specially with regard to the instincts. To follow on from my last blog, what happens when the blood of Uranus drops onto the earth? We get a consciousness of the angry side of the instincts, the Furies.

One of the most important things that will come from this new Feminine Consciousness is the ‘mediation of instinctive rage’. When relationship has been violated, we have an instinctive reaction in our gut. In mythology, the name given to this energy was the ‘Furies’. This leads to personal aggression, say in road rage and other disputes in everyday life and it can be one of the major causes of wars between nations. With Feminine Consciousness, the instincts can be given a human voice and a human middle ground for articulating and describing the offence to relationship. When this is achieved, one of the major causes of wars will cease.

The major price of carrying your own truth is being misunderstood and lonely, maybe not having money, not understanding. I often think of great pioneers, specially those early polar explorers and think ‘well at least I haven’t fallen down a crevasse today or died of cold’. I am inspired by everyone who has ‘gone first’ in an area of life. Earth really takes time. You might find you are still thinking of writing your first book when your friends are on their third.

I wanted to give you a part from my book ‘The Conscious Feminine. Toolkit’. By saying what will happen when the Feminine is integrated, it gives you a sense of the price of living when it is not.


Feminine Consciousness shines a light into the Feminine for the first time. This is a huge, with great implications for women and the future of life and all living creatures.

It includes: The issues that are unconscious but very important and which conscious women can mediate. This will change life and prevent so much destruction, death and illness and bad relationship.

When something is undifferentiated it appears to be in chaos but the order is there – waiting to be seen.

The repression of the Feminine leads to illness and sometimes death. People who carry these energies are sometimes seen as bad and of less value. They have to live in shame.

The loving aspects of the Feminine are seen as good, the aspects which carry Feminine truth are seen as bad, so bad they are rarely voiced. With Feminism, many women discovered  the voice of their negative Masculine. Now they have to discover the voice of the Feminine, which is such a different voice!

One of the laws of life is that if children are not given safe human parents or at least one parent who is present and sane, then bad energies get in. Humans are the insulating tape in the electrical circuit of life! It’s humans that make us human and we learn that in childhood. Humans make us feel real and give us our identity. Having a safe human parent/parents is not an optional extra, it’s the birth right of every human being.

There will be an understanding of the shadow and projection and how the Feminine has carried the shadow. Women, black and mixed race people, animals, people who serve the Feminine, matter in general, will no longer have to carry the projection of the shadow. What is ‘up’ has been seen as more valuable and more spiritual than what is ‘down’! No more!

Feminine needs and reality are not allowed. In truth, they are scarcely known. This creates a fear of the Feminine and makes people and animals ill. This can stop as the Feminine is integrated.

© Margi Ross May 2012