The Price of Following your Truth.

Apr 17, 2017 | Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

It’s Easter Sunday, so a good time to be writing about this subject. When we follow our own Truth, we’re like a fish who is swimming in the opposite way to the collective, carrying something for the collective. Sometimes people are recognised within their own lifetime, sometimes not. In esoteric teaching it says how, a long time ago, humanity stopped going the way they were supposed to go, which is the way of the soul. So, when you go in the opposite way to the collective it takes a lot of energy and dedication.

I listen to the BBC World Service a lot. It’s a great place to hear about other people who are following their Truth, often at great cost but often with great success. One thing you will probably have to face as you serve Truth is being attacked. There is a big battle going on between the forces of light and those of darkness. As you put your head above the parapet you will be seen. Think about what often happens to ‘whistle blowers’ on so many occasions when they speak out. Understand about ‘the shadow’ and how it’s projected onto people and other living creatures. I recommend ‘The Scapegoat Complex’ by Sylvia Brinton Periera. Brilliant!

Here’s a vital piece of information that everyone should have under their belts. In mythology, Gaia, the Earth, has a son named Uranus. In astrology, one of the things Uranus represents is cold originality and the demand for perfection. They mate and have some children, the Titans. Uranus hates these children because they are not perfect: they are part human! Any mating between the Feminine and Uranus is going to be hated by those people who are sleeping with the major enemy to the Feminine, which is Uranus, the God of cold perfection. We all have to get our heads around this problem before we can serve the Feminine. He makes the people who serve Love and relationship doubtful about what they have to offer. Gaia asks her children for help and only one responds, Saturn. He cuts off his father’s genitals. When he throws them into the sea Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love arises from the waves. When the blood of Uranus falls onto the land, the Furies appear. On psychological level Uranus has to be castrated, otherwise the Feminine can never be understood and have a voice. On spiritual level Uranus is the higher capacity to differentiate. So, when water differentiated, we will have a consciousness of Love and a new morality based on Love.: Aphrodite is the moral governor of humanity. When we can see the instinctive level of Earth which is the Furies, we can start to differentiate and know the instincts. This is a very hairy process! More about this in my next blog!