Treat the bodies of all beings kindly..

Mar 31, 2020 | Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Uncategorized, Water & Earth | 0 comments

One aspect of the Feminine is love and relationship or relatedness. The other is earth and boundaries. People love the first bit and often hate the second. A request for a boundary is usually met by an instinctive response, either anger or fear. As we move onto a soul level of the Feminine, this is replaced by consciousness and a human response.

The Truth of Earth is different than the Truth of Air. A Masculine culture is an air culture. Descartes statement of ‘I think therefore I am’ is true for many people. It’s not true for me: I just am.

Air leaves out the body and it often assumes it knows the reality and needs of the body. We live in a world largely devoid of empathy for the body. The big religions of the Piscean Age don’t include the fact that the body is sacred. To be alive is to be in a body. The Law of the Feminine, the 3rd aspect of Divinity, is that we don’t treat animals or other living creatures badly, for any reason. I read this day, in a message from Peta, (People for the Ethical treatment of Animals), that the testing of the virus vaccine will go straight to human testing. Allelujah!

I imagine a world in which the body was always treated kindly. This is one aspect of the sacred Feminine. How the fear levels in the world would go down!

© Margi Ross March 2020