Treating all beings as real.

Jul 30, 2019 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

For some time, I’ve had an ‘If’; list. It’s a list of what would happen if the Feminine were supported. One paragraph is about leaving water out in front and back gardens for animals and birds to drink and other forms of life too….. Imaging what it would be like, if everyone did this! The quality of life would change for so many beings, not to mention saving the lives of many. A Masculine culture leaves out practical things like this and they are not seen as spiritual or sacred. They are as sacred as anything can ever be. Looking out for the quality of life of other beings is a most sacred task.

The next 2000 years are the Age of Tara, the Age of the Feminine, during which the reality of the Divine Mother will become integrated. As we differentiate the Feminine, it enables Her reality to be acknowledged and supported, and we can then lay the foundations for the Feminine to come into life. This will balance the energy and bring solutions to so many problems, both personal and collective. .If the Feminine had been supported the seas would not be full of plastic, space junk would not be allowed and kindness would be taught in schools. The Feminine brings in boundaries where there have been none before.

The Feminine teaches us by dipping us into a reality which needs addressing. I was dipped into the fact that soul and body are unsupported and not seen as spiritual and the fact that the Feminine has no voice, except in the arts. I’ve loved opera since I was a child. ‘Nessun dorma’, sings the hero in Puccini’s opera ‘Turandot’. ‘None shall sleep’. We all have to wake to the needs of the souls and bodies of all creatures, including the trees, and make sure that all beings are treated as real and their needs are met.

© Margi Ross July 2019