Understanding water.

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In my work to differentiate the Feminine, I’ve spent a lot of time writing about water and earth.* These, are, by tradition, Feminine elements. As we see how they operate in people, we’ll be able to understand so much more about the emotional and soul life of the collective  and the individual, as well as the body and the Earth we live on. All this is the province of the Feminine.

To be alive and to live on the earth is to live in and on water and earth. But how much do we understand about these elements and their laws.? For people to be healthy and well and life to be balanced, we have to understand them. As well as being the liquid that benefits us in so may ways, what is water? When we think about water what comes into our minds? Rain, sea, floods, puddles, rivers… but water has many other meanings. What happens when we try to differentiate, to sort water? In mythology, Neptune is the God of the Oceans, as He is in Esoteric Astrology *: in Roman mythology He is called Poseidon. Alan Oken, in his book ‘Soul Centred Astrology’ writes that Neptune ‘represents the Heart of the Sun, or Divine Love in manifestation’. Neptune is also about the subtle levels of the inner spiritual reality.

One container for Neptune is differentiated Feeling (water) and Sensation (Earth). (See Jung’s map of the 4 functions). Click here for free articles.

If sensation and feeling are working properly, we have a container for Neptune. Without a consciousness of what the Feminine is, we have no container for the Feminine aspects of Life and no understanding of them. This is why Feminine Consciousness is so important. Neptune cannot be held only with the intuition and thought. If we try to do this it is like trying to hold a river only as an idea without realising that a river is a real entity, it needs banks which contain it, it needs to be respected and kept clean. The laws of ‘river’ need to be understood. This is one of the major problems re integrating the Feminine into a Masculine society. The structures have to change as we move from concepts to supporting the real needs of life.

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