When women support the Feminine.

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When women support the Feminine, here’s what will happen:

Women will say ‘no’ to any living creature being treated unkindly, for any reason.

They will support Feminine Laws and Reality. That people and animals need to be related to and it’s from this relationship that they know they are real. That love for all creatures, not just their children and loved ones, is what is essential and it’s Feminine Law.

They will say ‘no’ to any government that treats animals unkindly.

The Feminine is the nurturing principle. She protects and She makes sure that life can live. Women’s  sexual bondedness to men has meant that they have supported Masculine values and since Feminism, the Masculine has been even more supported in some areas of life. This is because the Feminine has been without a voice and a language and in the early stages of Feminism,women have tried to be like men in order to get ahead at work.

In a Masculine society the importance of body and soul  (how any being feels inside) is left out, ignored. No being should have to live in fear.

Both men and women will have to satisfy Feminine criteria for being qualified in any profession.

The purpose of integrating the Feminine is to balance the energy and bring Feminine common sense and kindness into everyday life. Re Brexit: if the Feminine were integrated, the EU would have said ‘it’s obvious that the EU needs reforming. Let’s reform it and include Britain in the discussions and then see if Britain wants to leave’.  What a slot of sweat and muddle that would have saved!

The Feminine has solutions to most world problems. We just have to trust Her reality, which is also our reality.

© Margi Ross April 2019