You are not slow, you are in Feminine time!

Nov 29, 2019 | Events, Services, Spiritual & Esoteric, Water & Earth | 0 comments

There’s such a difference between Masculine and Feminine time! We can’t judge how things are going by comparing what we are doing with other people’s progress. One of the things that are missing in collective knowledge is any understanding of the Feminine foundations of life and how they work. This is profoundly spiritual. What is life built on and what is spiritual progress built on? Outside of the arts, Masculine reality lacks depth but depth is a part of Feminine reality and depth takes time. There’s such a huge difference between the idea of having a baby and getting pregnant and giving birth. Wise people attend to astrology because it gives them the timing of any enterprise.

The tortoise and the turtle are symbols of the Feminine foundations of life and neither of them rush around. We can see the laws of nurturing in the animal kingdom. Each species have laws as to how long your baby needs to learn the laws of life and to feel real and have the greatest chance of survival. Because people can split and go into their heads, if a baby is not held and nurtured by an adult they can recognise and relate to, they will not die, but they will probably loose at least a part of their connection to their physical reality. I once had dream which told me ‘touch and the boundaries to feel the law inside’. Because of fears of paedophelia, touch is often frowned upon when it comes from anyone other than mum or dad or known safe relative, yet we are totally dependent on touch to feel the law inside. Animals touch and birds touch and others species. Trees touch. So Feminine time is needed to feel who you are. Do women insist on this? No! It still has to become a part of the institutions.

There’s a lot of emphasis on planting trees and they can live for so long. There were some lovely old tress on Chris Packham’s programme on raising money for trees on Channel 5 yesterday.

So often people don’t discover their spiritual calling until they are older, in their 40s or 50s or older. Intellectual life is built on Masculine ideas about life and the development of these ideas. Women wait for men to tell them what is real when they live in their own reality and know what it is. I’m not taking about Feminism here, but about the Feminine. For the language and concepts to support this reality. Read my books! Get in touch if you need to.

© Margi Ross November 2019